How to make a game on Roblox?

Creating the games in private or public

You may have known that making a game is not enough to fill in the taste for curiosity. However there is help for you to explore more. All of the users will be able make as many games as possible but the accounts are less in number numbering 200 public games. So it can be played by the others at any time.

To create the game in public or private

There are two types of ways to make the game public or private. When you make the game private it will close down any of the working games and will cancel all the subscriptions for VIPS. Here are the two steps.

Step one

  • You have to click create in the bar which is in the colour of blue. It will be available at the top of the website.
  • In the tab called as creations you have to click the games it is not specifically highlighted.
  • You have to search for the places where you would like to make it public or private and click the green or the grey icon which will be under the screen. It will change between the two statuses.
  • The public will be represented with the green icon. It will allow the user to see and play the game.
  • The private grey icon will stop anyone than you from playing the game and viewing it. In the case of the developers who are selected with the essential rank along with game edit permissions and they will only be allowed to play the game.

Step two

  • View the game’s page.
  • Select the three dots icon to see the game’s menu for necessary setting.
  • Choose the option Configure this Game or Configure this Place.
  • When the screen appears go for the basic settings tab if it is not visibly highlighted.
  • Under the option privacy select public or private.

The public option will allow any of the users to see and play the game. The private option will stop anyone from seeing or playing the game without your permission.

How to create a new game?

  • You have to click the option create in the blue bar at the front part of the website.
  • In the tab called as the creations tab click the option games if it is not visibly highlighted.
  • Click the option create new game.
  • Select the settings and the templates or the creation which is new.
  • Click the option create game.

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This will guide you to the create page where you have started. You can continue with the process and make the game public if you prefer it. You can also wait if you have done some changes in it. To start making you can click the button edit and in the right of the new game entry in the games list. You can make the games any time however it cannot be used by the players of the Roblox. It must be made public by utilising the “Make Game Public” options.